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Keep Your Furniture Looking Beautiful As Ever

Your furniture is what adds to your home’s beautiful aesthetic, along with your floors, surfaces, and exteriors. However, furniture can be much more difficult to maintain due to their relatively shorter lifespan. Out of all of the aspect that make up your home, you furniture is usually the first to be replaced. In order yourself a ton of money on replacing upholstery, it’s important to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. The professionals at Supreme Cleaning can help remove the dirt, allergens, and bacteria that accumulate on your furniture, thus providing you with a healthier environment while persevering its lifespan. Trust in our team to restore your furniture to its original state so that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

It’s all a Part of Our Process

Analyzing: Before cleaning your furniture will analyze its material to determine which type of cleaning solution will work best.

Cleaning: Once we have determine which cleaning solution works best for your furniture, it is firm applied. During this process our solution loosens dirty, grime, and stain from your furniture, cleaning it thoroughly and restoring its original color.

Deodorize: Supreme Cleaning’s solution not only removes dirt but also eliminates any odor that may formed as a result. This aids in the restoration of your furniture by providing it with a fresh, clean smell.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in New York
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Best Upholstery Cleaner Long Island

The More Frequent, The Better

The more maintenance you provide to your furniture, the better you’ll be in the run. Trust in Supreme Cleaning to keep your upholstery as clean and fresh as they day you purchased it. Schedule future appointments months to ensure your upholstery receives the care it deserves and continues to serve as beautiful addition to your home.

We service various types of furniture including:

Sofas Chairs Tables
Loveseats Lamps Dressers
Easy boards Ottomans Bed/Mattresses
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