Cleaning your home can be a tough chore. Scouring every nook and cranny of your residence for dirt, dust, and loose change is easier said than done. Even the smallest apartments come with crevices that can be hard to miss. In your attempt to keep a clean home, it’s a safe bet that you’re bound miss a couple of areas. Are you looking to completely to eradicate every little dust bunny that infects your living space? If the answer is yes, then take a look at some of the most commonly forgotten places people forget to clean in their homes.

Number 1: Under Appliances    

When was the last you saw underneath of your refrigerator? My point exactly. The only time any of us ever get to see all of the dirt and grime that’s accumulated underneath our kitchen and laundry appliances is when they’re being replaced. Moving these appliances can be difficult and pretty dangerous but with a little assistance you can remove a lot dirt and bacteria that may be festering beneath them.

Number 2: Drapes

Because of where drapes are located in your home, you probably have a tendency to forget about them. However, drapes have the potential to gather large amounts of dust and allergens, which can spell bad news for those with asthma. Wiping down your windows serves as a great opportunity to wash your drapes as well. Watch out though, as not all curtain material is machine washable.

Number 3: Washing Machine

On the topic of washing machines, when was the last time you gave yours a wash of its own? As silly as this sounds, a significant amount of dirt from your clothing can buildup, causing your washing machine’s power to drop in efficiency. Don’t be afraid to give your machine a wipe down from time to time to prevent this from occurring. There are also some really cool DIY (Do It Yourself) recipes for washing machine cleaning that we recommend you look into.

Number 4: Toothbrush Holder

This one is especially important, considering it directly deals with your oral hygiene. Toothbrush holders can serve as the home to bacteria, which has the potential to spread onto your actual toothbrush and that’s never a good thing. We’re told to switch out our toothbrush every three or so months, but keeping its holder clean is another good way of sustaining positive health as well.

Number 5: Fans 

A ceiling fan be one of the hardest places to reach in your home, next to the roof itself. Because of this, considerably large amounts of dust can accumulate up there, which can pose a huge issue. If you’ve cleaned every inch of your home and still find yourself sneezing uncontrollably when you walk in the door, try checking your fans. It may take a latter or a helping hand but this is one area that definitely needs wiping down.