There is a clear understanding that, if you want to own any kind of marble floor or counter-top, you are paying for not just any stone, but for stones that are supposed to provide a sense of aesthetics and beauty.

But what are you going to do when your marble floors or tables are generating dirt and stains? Is it also losing the polish? In order to keep your marble tables and floors looking squeaky clean, like the Taj Mahal’s (a beauty of marble architecture), you will have to keep maintaining it.

An issue with marble tables is that liquids can easily seep through, and go down deep into marble stones, henceforth cleaning those stains can be a drudge. When you have reached a point where you need extensive work to keep your hard surfaces clean, give us a call (212)-804-8157.

Look for Signs That Call for You to Start Cleaning Your Marble Floors:

Here are some visual cues in which you will need to start cleaning your beautiful marble floors, which has started to look strange to the eyes.

  • Do you find that dirt and grime is dug into its surface area?
  • Does your marble stone look a bit dirty and hazy?
  • if your marble floor is covered with wax and / or coating, there is a likelihood that traffic marks and dull dirty spots on your marble floor may be visible if your marble floor hasn’t been properly maintained.
  • If your marble floor has lost its wax and coating, and you find that there is dirt and traffic marks that go beyond the original polished layer, you’re going to have to hire a professional to re-polish your floors with diamond abrasives.

Keep Your Marbles Maintained by Sweeping and Mopping It Daily.

Keep your marble maintained by sweeping off and mopping any natural and excess dirt from it. There could be substances on your marble that when roughly abraded on your marble stones, it can create scratches on it.

Make sure you also clean up spills on your marble stones. Don’t let the liquid seep into your marble stones to leave a detrimental stain in it.

Use Water With Neutral pH Detergent

If you use acidic cleaning chemicals, to clean your marble stones, you risk causing scratches and deteriorating its shine. Mix cold water with stone soap liquid or detergent that has nothing less than neutral pH (7 pH) to clean your marble floors with.

Make sure after you are done sweeping, that you mop your marble stones with neutral pH detergent water. Once done doing so, grab some regular clean water that’s free of dirt, and thoroughly mop over your marble stones again to get rid of any other type of debris that will stain your marble stones.

Once you have finished mopping, use a towel to dry off your marble stones you had just cleaned. This way, you don’t leave excess water on your marbles stones to seep into its pores and cause a weird looking stain.