Living in New York is one of a kind. It’s important to stay hygienic in such a fast paced environment like New York City, and sometimes, living in New York City can be overwhelming for your chores. These tips provided will help you maintain your home cleaning in New York, via the Big Apple.

Tip #1 Donate Your Excessive Clothes

One of the biggest issues people in New York City have when it comes to keeping their homes clean is the amount of clutter that can be accumulated from all the shopping you’re doing. Yes, it’s nice to stay fashionable in New York City, but what’s the point if it’s going to cause havoc at home by keeping it unorganized?

Keeping your homes clean through recurring cleaning is important also, especially when having guests around, it’s pretty unappealing to have a variety of clothing spread out throughout your home or apartment. So take some of that excess clutter you have in your house, and just donate them to a better cause.

You’re more than likely going to shop again for other types of apparel in the near future, I mean, this is fashion. You’ve got to stay up to date with the trends, and donating your outdated clothing is just another way that will keep your homes very clean.

Tip #2 Stop Rodents From Even Thinking About Visiting Your Home

There are lots of tricks to stopping rodents from entering your homes and becoming a pest. Some experts say using a natural deterrent, such as peppermint oil, or old snake feces (which you can get from a zoo or your local pet shop that sells snakes) can help rodents stay away from your home.

My favorite suggestion though is the idea of getting a cat to live with you. Sure, cats can be somewhat of a responsibility, but in the end, they really do keep your rodent problem in check. There are cats that have been stray cats all their life and tend to know how to hunt down rodents from experience. Other cats that were born to households as kittens might not have that distinctive nature to hunt (unless taught by their mother cat to do so). Some household cats need to be trained to hunt rodents, to say the least.

Still, having a cat around can not only just keep rodents away, but they can brighten up your day with their loving company.

Tip #3 Don’t Procrastinate, Get What You Need to Get Done Now

Ok, so this suggestion should be taken with a little bit of salt. Sure, not everything needs to be done right away, is it ok to procrastinate a bit? Sure, why not. But please don’t procrastinate beyond the point that now it seems almost senseless as to why you haven’t taken out the trash.

Whenever you see something that should be done, in terms of fixing or upholstery cleaning, if all criteria meet the current situation, why not go ahead and clean or fix the problem at hand?

It would be to your best interest to get your cleaning done now than later. But I’m not going to judge you if you decide to hand up your new window curtains 1 week from now instead of today. It is your curtains after all.