We expanded our residential cleaning services all across Long island and NYC. We are also offering services in Suffolk and Nassau County as well.

Here are some informative information about the issues that we have found on the Suffolk County homes we service too. These type of issues are what we prepare for when we arrive to provide our cleaning services.

Residential Cleaning Services for Suffolk County

Kings Park, NY

These homes in Kings Park, NY are found with characteristics of Colonial, Contemporary, exterior wood walls, compositions, aluminum and vinyl sidings, slab foundation.

The exterior walls are faced with moisture damage, and some have termite damage.

There are termite damage also found on the floors in some of the houses we have worked on in this region.

Mold can be found in places that weren’t thought to be cleaned. Humidity can be the cause of the mold.
Windows were also not cleaned properly.

Stains on the roof on the homes.

Southampton, NY

Some of the homes in this region, Southampton, NY are condo / co-op architecture, traditional architecture, Cape, mediterranean, log cabin, composition, stucco, wood exterior walls.

Some of the issues these houses face are metal rusty stains that gleam onto the property. Marbles floors do tend to have stains that are organic.

Upholstery services of the houses were in definite need.

There were patio stains, and hard surface cleaning on the patio, as well as concrete floors.

Some of the shingles had mold on them.

There was peeling finishes on some of the wood floors.

Areas of the house that weren’t thought to have been cleaned, ended up building dirt and dust.

Easthampton, NY

Homes in Easthampton, NY are characterized as cape cod style homes, cottage style, gambrel, traditional architecture, cedar shingles.

Glass doors weren’t cleaned often both inside and out. The windows of the homes weren’t cleaned both inside and outside as well.

Stainless steel needed shining in kitchens.

Upholstery is a must, and some homes had pet odor.

The cement floors, and hard surface floors had natural stains, and there were some mildew and mold building up.

Found areas that had rust stains as well.

Melville, NY

The homes we found in Melville, NY some were designer homes that were renovated, colonial style, cape cod, ranch / rambler, vinyl sidings, double pain windows, shake singles.

Bathroom windows has some mold on them. Windows are usually not cleaned both on the outside and inside. Screen doors also are not maintained efficiently too.

Hardwood and carpets had stains on them, which needed to be cleaned. Windows weren’t kept well from the outside.

Discoloration of sidings, and water damage. Gutters weren’t being maintained either.

Dix Hills, NY

The homes we found in Dix Hills, NY are brick postmodern, colonial architecture, ranch /rambler, plantation shutters, masonry, vinyl sidings, shake shingles.

Lots of the issues we found here could be halted with recurring cleaning solutions. Such as mopping the floor, cleaning and dusting off of all furniture’s, and cleaning up appliances around the house.

Areas that had lots of excess water, tend to have mold building up around them too. Carpets around that area did have mold on them as well.

Hardwood floors were found with peeling finish, stains, and sanding blemishes.

There were also rust stains found on the property, such as the backyard’s patio.

Commack, NY

The houses here in Commack, NY had characters of ranch / rambler architecture, colonial style, extended homes, contemporary, exterior wood walls, aluminum sidings.

Termite damage was found in some of the homes. There were also humidity in some of the homes, which lead to the termites and mold to build up.

Some of the roofs had stains and moss on them. The gutters in some homes were not being well kept.
Hard surface floors outside the house had natural stains, and the concrete floors had some mold on them.

Some of the kitchen areas needed polishing as well, and windows weren’t cleaned on both sides.

Front patio needed recurring cleaning, or else stains would constantly build up on the floor for natural elements.

There were pet odors found in most of the homes, which called for needed upholstery cleaning.