We provide residential cleaning services to all of New York City, as well as to both the counties of Nassau and Suffolk County in Long Island.

We’ve noticed that each town within both respective counties on Long Island face their own problematic issues that we residential cleaning services must prepare to handle.

Here are some cleaning issues our residential services face in Nassau County:

Nassau County

Garden City, NY

A number of the homes and apartments located in Garden City, NY are usually colonial style homes, concrete, masonry, cape-cod style homes, condos, and co-ops.

Most of the houses in this area contain a fireplace, which we found to be one of the most untouched areas for people to clean.

Exterior walls are wood if not aluminum shingles, concrete, or masonry.

Some of the exterior woods obtain moisture damage by the time we get the call to mend it, and protect it from the elements once again. Exterior cleaning is essential because it could suspend and eradicate exterior damage to the home.

Some of the wooden floors weren’t properly maintained from moisture and other heavy wear caused scratches and cracks on them.

Old Westbury, NY

Most of the homes we’ve encountered in Old Westbury, NY are ranch / rambler style homes, contemporary style homes, stone, concrete, brick, masonry, and cape cod.

Some of the homes with brick exteriors tend to have efflorescence formations, due to the amount of moisture leaching through and out the masonry.

Wooden floors in the contemporary homes are usually found with a peeling finish. Some of the finishes are found with debris coated too.

Marble floors in this area are usually found with staining issues, such as organic, general dirt, soot, and pollution stains

Some areas of the property had metallic rust stains.

Hicksville, NY

Some of the houses we came across in Hicksville, NY were cape cod style homes, colonial, bungalow, ranch / rambler, asbestos shining walls, concrete, frame style, masonry, and stucco homes.

Some of the houses in this general area had internal damage due to increased humidity within the home, causing mold and mildew to build on the interior walls and / or window frames.

In some cases, there were signs of termite damage.

Homes with built up humidity inside them usually are cases for termite damage.

Most of the wooden floors hadn’t been maintained either, we found wear, scratches, and cracks on the wooden floor.

Plainview, NY

The homes we’ve come across in Plainview, NY include condominiums, raised ranch, cape-cod, ranch / rambler, frame, masonry, with brick and aluminum sidings, hardwood floors and concrete floors.

Some of the issues we’ve found in these houses include abnormal gaps and cupping of the hardwood floors. These types of issues can accumulate dirt and other unwanted grime.

Other issues included are stains that haven’t been properly removed altogether in the home.

Aluminum sidings tend to become chalky and dull.

Most of the concrete in this region doesn’t attain scrubbing. This will cause natural stains and mildew to build if not cleaned.

Roslyn Heights, NY

Roslyn Heights, NY has a variety of houses ranging from two-story architecture, bungalow architecture, condos, colonial, cape cod style homes, frame, masonry, brick, and asbestos shingles.

Some of the homes here have humidity issues as well. The home’s floors, especially in the basement can be found with some humid effects, such as mildew and mold. This includes the carpets and basement windows aren’t maintained.

Some homes have their exterior bricks stained which ultimately lead to discoloration.

Again, fireplaces seem to be the least maintained areas.

Jericho, NY

Some of the houses in Jericho, NY are characterized with ranch / rambler, raised ranch, masonry, concrete block, brick, aluminum sidings, condos, asbestos shingles, wood exterior.

Some of the wood floors aren’t properly maintained, leaving stains on them as well as peeling finish.

Hard surfaces aren’t properly cleaned and maintained, sometimes leaving discoloration or wear. Especially around the back patio, stains remain.

Some of the hardwood concrete floors also have stains and mildew, especially on the sidewalks.

Lynbrook, NY

Some of the homes in Lynbrook, NY consist of the characters of ranch / rambler, co-op, frame, concrete block, aluminum sidings, masonry, brick.

Most of the houses we go to tend to have dust built up in areas that are not thought about for cleaning. Washing windows and pet orders were also issues found in some of these houses.

Some roofs are also found with stains, moss, and algae growing on them.

Oceanside, NY

In Oceanside, NY some of the homes are cape cod style, ranch / rambler, metal exterior, aluminum sidings.

Bathroom showerheads were not cleaned thoroughly. Nor were the bathrooms dusted first, leaving dirt to build up in areas that were considered harder to reach.

upholstery cleaning and deodorizing of furniture was implemented.

The roofs of some of these houses do have stains on them too.

Baldwin, NY

Homes in Baldwin, NY consist of cape cod style homes, bungalow, split level architecture, concrete block, masonry, frame, aluminum and vinyl sidings.

Fireplaces weren’t cleaned thoroughly.

There were stains on the floors, including carpets and furniture that could have been cleaned out better. The wood on the floor was also receiving excessive wear.

There were pet odors and other pet matters needing to be attended to.

Windows weren’t cleaned externally in most of these houses.

Some of the gutters were also found to be cluttered.