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Janitorial Cleaning Services in Long Island

A Team of Cleaning Professionals

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is rarely ever a one-and-done job. As time progresses, even the most clean and workspace will revert back to its dusty and unsanitary form. That’s why it’s important to provide your commercial property with regular maintenance. Fortunately, Supreme Cleaning comes equipped with a team of professionals to accomplish just that. Cleanliness is all about consistency, and at Supreme Cleaning we employ a janitorial staff to maintain your property on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. This prevents the dirty buildup that can come from not cleaning your environment in a timely manner.

Our Janitorial Staff Perform Various Services Including:

Floor Cleaning Trash Removal
Restroom Cleaning Ceiling/High place Dusting
Window Cleaning Furniture Polishing
Carpet Cleaning Kitchen/Breakroom Cleaning
Janitorial Cleaning Brooklyn
 Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services in Long Island
 Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Services in Long Island
 New York Janitorial Cleaning Services
professional Janitorial Cleaning Services in New York

Our Team is Your Team

Thanks to our personalized form of services, Supreme Cleaning’s janitorial staff operates based on your specific needs. This means if you’d like an emphasis placed on maintaining restroom sanitation, then that will be their primary focus. Before employing their services, our janitorial staff will meet with you to discuss your objectives and expectations. This is done with the goal of providing the highest level of quality possible, in addition to maintaining customer satisfaction. No longer worry about only having your environment cleaned every once in a while. Whether you manage a restaurant, school, or office building, our janitorial services will make walking into your workspace every morning feel like the first time.

Our Janitorial Services Are Offered:

Daily: Allow our team to come in a day-to-day basis to assist with upkeep and maintenance. (Schools, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Etc.)

Weekly or Bi-weekly: For properties with less traffic than regular businesses at any given time. (Places of worship, Warehouses, Etc.)

Emergency Situations: Don’t hesitate to contact our emergency response team in the event you require last minute cleaning services. (Learn more)

Maintain the Beauty of Your Commercial Property

Continue to manage a healthy and safe environment with Supreme Cleaning. Call us today to receive a quote and schedule an appointment.

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