Home Entrance Notebook for Cleaning

Grab a notebook, and write down what needs cleaning at your front home entrance. This will save you the time, of guess cleaning. Meaning, you won’t have to guess what needs work, and then realize something else needs to be worked on, then you’ll have to go back in the house just to drag more stuff to the front entrance. You’re better off taking notes and making reminders in your cleaning notebook of what needs cleaning. That way you can prepare all your equipment all at once.

Tip Number One to Cleaning Your Home Entrances

Make sure that when you start your home entrance cleaning chore, you take a minute to sit back, relax and look at your front entrance. Go ahead, bring a folding plastic chair out with you. Place the chair down in front of your home entrance, facing towards your home. Have a seat, and ponder about what you see, and what you think needs work. After you sit and ponder for a bit. Stand up and go ring your own doorbell, as if you were a visitor to your own home. Ring that door bell, and see the kind of reaction you might get as you wait for the other (nonexistent) you comes to open the door, which will never happen.

This simple practice will have you realizing some little extra details about your home entrance, as you make your way to the door bell, as a stranger to your own home. As you wait for the nonexistent you to come open the door, see what your front entrance relays to you as a visitor. Keeping your visitors in mind is important when cleaning up and maintaining your home entrance. It’s important you relate to visitors what you want them to think about you. Is that tree branch really hanging down too close to the front entrance of the doorway? Why not give it a little trim.

Does your door need some repainting? Well, get to work! Try to see the front entrance of the house as a visitor, than the owner of the house. This little practice will help you spot a few things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Pick the Right Cleaner to Clean Your House

There are a variety of multiple types of cleaning solutions you can use to help clean the front entrance of your house. If you can’t find anything to your liking, go ahead and mix some vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Vinegar and water mixed is a great natural cleaner you can use to clean your front entrance.

The Front Door

If the front door needs some cleaning and polishing, make sure you clean both sides of the door. To give the whole door an equal shine. First, spray down your door with your cleaning mixture, and then wipe it down with a clean cloth, or wipe away the dirt with a sponge. Next, use mild detergent and furniture polish to clean your door. If it has windows, don’t forget to wash it both inside and out.

Glasses on Door

Use vinegar and water as a cleaner for your windows. It does wonders to keeping your windows clean. Next, use a squeegee or recycled newspapers for a streak-free finish.

Polish Your Door

Polish your doors’ hardware with brass or steel polish. Then wipe it clean with a separate cloth. This will leave your door looking brand new.

The Doormat

Shake out the majority of debris and dirt from your used up doormat. Make sure your doormat is of a color that complements the colors of your front home entrance. Also, if your doormat has been overused and demised, replace it with a new one. Use baking soda to help clean and deodorize your doormat, then scrub the door mat with the baking soda on it. Rinse out the matter with water, or leave it out for the rain to clean the baking soda from the doormat.

You can also leave your doormat hanging outside during a rain storm. The winds and rain will naturally clean your doormat that you left hanging outside.

When You Open That Door into Your Home

Just a quick tip, the entrance of your home should accommodate the esthetics of your home’s entrance. Once your visitors open the front door, have your entry walkway decorated to match the season and the vibe of your current home entrance.