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What Type of Material is Your Home Made of?

Homes are commonly made up of various types of materials including wood, metal, tile, granite, and marble. All of these material are vastly distinct, both in the way they feel and how they are cleaned. When comes to taking care of hard surfaces, the method in which you approach them must be unique to their type of material if you are to be successful. The great news is that Supreme Cleaning is here to handle your hard surface cleaning for you. No longer stress about which cleaning agents to use on your surfaces as our team comes equipped with tools and knowledge your specific situation. Supreme Cleaning has conducted the necessary research to discover the best solutions in regards to sanitizing and disinfecting your hard surfaces. No matter the material, turn to Supreme Cleaning to handle your hard surfaces, so you don’t have to.

Our Team Can a Variety of Services Including:

Wood: Wood surfaces can be tricky as the wrong type of cleaning substance can cause permanent damage. Fortunately, Supreme Cleaning knows exactly which substances are safe to use in order to disinfect and leave your wood surfaces with glowing sheen and smooth texture.

Ceramic: Without the proper equipment, cleaning ceramic can be a time consuming task. Making matters worse is refusing to carefully clean ceramic can lead to permanent stains. Our team of professionals possess the tools to effectively remove dirt and stains from ceramic without affecting its original color or feel.

Marble: Marble is one of the most expensive types of materials out there, and as such should be well taken care of. Marble surfaces give off a feel of luxury and only through regular maintenance can that look be sustained. Supreme Cleaning provides your marble surfaces with the cleaning materials necessary for ensuring that they continue to shine beautifully. This includes polishing and stain removal without the worry of scratching.

Stone: It is unfortunate how easily stone can dirty and stain. Because of this, it is imperative that you utilize a cleaning solution that seep into stone to remove deep deposits of dirt and grime. Fortunately, our team comes fully equipped with these solutions to effectively clean various types of stone including limestone and granite. It is important to note that no way will our solutions damage your surfaces as some have been known to do.

Hard Surface Cleaning Services in New York
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Hard Surface Cleaning in Long Island
 Brooklyn Hard Surface Cleaning Services

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