The summer is coming, and I bet you’re extremely excited for it! I know we are here at Supreme Cleaning NYC! But I’ll tell you what we’re not excited about! That is all the floor cleaning, and car cleaning from all the dirt we bring back into our homes from the adventures we had just ventured off to.

So without further ado, here are some Floor Cleaning Tips that will help you clean your floors this summer pre and post adventure.

Tip #1 Make Sure You Have Prepared for Your Summer Floor Cleaning

Nothing is more annoying, for floor cleaning to say the least when you find out that you aren’t even prepared for your floor or home cleaning this summer. Make sure you have stocked up on all your all-purpose cleaners and tools that give you the edge you need for this summer’s cleaning.

This also includes moving out all that clutter from areas of interest for cleaning. It’s in your best interest to put things of unnecessary use away and to leave your home open and tidy. Having a cluttered floor will make work twice as hard for you when you plan to start cleaning your floors this summer.

Not only will you have to do floor cleaning, but probably will need to do some extra work, such as laundry or vacuuming more than often when you are faced with a lot of clutter in your home.

Why do the extra work when you could avoid it by decluttering your home with the addition of a little bit of upholstery cleaning?

Tip#2 Keep That Dirt Outside

What better way to clean the dirt off the floor than by not getting dirt on your floor to begin with?

If you have gone on that nature walk you so often love to do, make sure that, before you step into your car, you clean off the dirt from your shoes prior to entering the car. You can use disposable shoe cleaning wipes, or an old rag to wipe off the dirt from your shoes. You could even take that extra step of bringing with you a second pair of shoes, to leave in the car, and to replace the ones you wore from the trek after you’re done with your nature walk. Just place your dirt-covered trekking shoes into a plastic bag, for clean and safe keepings until you arrive home.

None the less, make sure your door mat has had a good washing before the summer beginnings, that way you can put your bare feet on the door mat after you take your shoes off outside your front door. Remember your dirty trekking shoes you had put into a plastic bag after your trekking adventure was over? Make sure you clean those shoes first, outside your home (or before you entered your car), before you bring them inside the house.

Tip #3 Use a Disposable Rug to Keep Your Floors Clean This Summer

You can also place disposable rugs in areas that receive a lot of traffic. That way, you don’t have to worry so much about dirt or sand roaming from one area of your house to another. The rug should be used to help mitigate the flow of dirt in your home, or from the entrance of your home to any other part of your house.

So essentially, do whatever you can to stop dirt from entering your home, if people have brought their shoes inside your home, place a disposable rub at the front entrance, to help lessen the transfer of dirt from your front door to other places in your house.

Essentially, make sure guests take their shoes off after walking through the front door.