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Emergency situations can occur at a moment’s notice. The wrong type of circumstances can end up costing you a lot of time and money, especially if it leaves a large mess. In the event that you find yourself in need of immediate cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call Supreme Cleaning. Our professionals are highly-trained in handling emergency situations, and can help you maintain a scenario before it gets out of control. Trust in our response team to quickly assess your situation in order to develop an effective solution.

Our Emergency Cleaning Services Include:

Flood Containment: Flooding is one of the most common occurrences when it comes to owning a home. The longer it takes to get a flooding problem under, the more structural damage you home will endure. Quickly getting a flood under control is the key to saving yourself a ton of time, money, and frustration. In the event of a flood, contact Supreme Cleaning to handle cleanup as well as containment.

Sewage Backup: A backup in sewage can pose a large issue for your home by exposing it harmful entities like bacteria. Because of this, it is imperative that and sewage backup is taken care before you and those around you are put at risk. Supreme Cleaning proactively handles sewage issues to ensure the safety of your home and prevent contamination.

Dirt Deposits: Construction and Renovations to your home cause large dirt deposits to accumulate, which can lead to health and safety risks. Turn to Supreme Cleaning to clean up any large messes left by construction to ensure the aesthetic integrity of your home. This includes moving leftover grime and dirt from furniture, carpets, and other types of surfaces within your home. Learn more about our upholstery services here.

Emergency Cleaning Services in New York
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Emergency Cleaning Services Long Island
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