Deep Cleaning Services in New York City

Deep Cleaning Services in Long Island

A Detailed Kind of Cleaning

When it comes to managing an environment, there are two types of cleaning: Deep Cleaning and a Go-Over. A Go-Over is described as regularly wiping down surfaces to remove small deposits of dirt, dust, and grime. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is much more detailed and precise. It’s not only about what’s on the surface but also what’s down below as well. Deep cleaning involves a thorough and concentrated focus on removing dirt and grime from your surfaces. Wiping something down may make it appear clean but effectively scrubbing and sanitizing it will ensure that it remains fresh for some time.

An In-Depth Cleaning Experience

Our Deep cleaning services can be purchased along with our recurring cleaning package or separately. Deep cleaning includes everything from a complete cleansing of your refrigerator, oven, and other kitchen appliances to ensuring that all of your home’s trash has been taken out. In addition to this, we also extensively clean difficult-to-reach spots like ceiling fans and air conditioning vents. Deep cleaning is performed with the goal of keeping your home clean and healthy for longer periods of time. Even areas like windows and blinds will not escape cleansing, as we place an emphasis on cleaning the places in your home you may frequently forget about.

Some of the Areas Our Deep Cleaning Services Cover Include:

Refrigerator Interior/Exterior Trash Cans
Oven Interior/Exterior Windows
Blinds/Drapes Air Conditioning Vents
Baseboards Various Surfaces
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Don’t just settle for a Go-Over. By investing in a deep cleaning, you are guaranteeing the longevity of a healthy and sanitary environment. Speak with us today to discuss your options in regards to working out a cleaning schedule, whether you’d like to purchase it separately or add it to a recurring package. A clean home is only a click away.

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