Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services in Long Island

Adding to the Beauty of Your Business

At Supreme Cleaning, we believe that the furniture in your home requires that same level of care and attention as the furniture in your home. That being said, due to your busy schedule regularly dusting and cleaning your upholstery probably isn’t high on your list of tasks. Not maintaining your furniture on a consistent basis can cause bacteria and allergens to grow and fester, creating an unsafe working environment for both you and your employees. In addition to this, dirtied furniture can be perceived as a turnoff to potential customers and clients. Our team of professionals understands the impact that beautiful furniture can have on the overall look of your business. Whether it’s your tables, chairs, desks, or curtains, Supreme Cleaning treats your upholstery with care and maintenance it needs.

Our Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services Include:

Chairs Couches
Lamps Conference Tables
Desks Painting/Fine Art
Televisions/Screens File Cabinets
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Long Island commercial upholstery cleaning services
 commercial upholstery cleaning services in Long Island
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A Three Step Process

When it comes to furniture maintenance, Supreme Cleaning prefers to break its services down into three simple steps.

  1. The first step is analyzing, where we take a close look the type of material your furniture is composed of in order to find an effective cleaning solution. In addition to assisting with the restoration process, analyzing your materials prevent damage that occur from using the wrong formula.


  1. Once a cleaning solution has been chosen, the second step involves a deep washing. It is in this step of the process where our professionals carefully scrub your upholstery, penetrating deep into its fabrics to remove dirt, grime, allergens, bacteria, and stains. This restores your upholstery’s original color and texture.


  1. The final step is deodorizing. Our specialized solutions come with deodorizing agents to not just mask odors but eliminate them entirely. This leaves your furniture with a fresh, clean scent to match its new look and feel.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Commercial Property

Continue to manage a healthy and safe environment with Supreme Cleaning. Call us today to receive a quote and schedule an appointment.

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