Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning Services in New York City

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Keeping Your Surfaces Clean

Depending on the type of property you manage, your surfaces may contain various types of materials. Granite, marble, stone, wood; each of these surfaces are different in their own right, and as such require different cleaning solutions. Without the proper guidance, attempting to clean these surfaces can result in permanent damage, costing your business thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the responsibility of maintaining your property’s hard surfaces are no longer is yours to bear. With the help of Supreme Cleaning, ensure that your countertops and other hard surfaces are properly clean while retaining its original look and feel. Hard Surfaces are large part of your business aesthetic. Keep it looking beautiful with Supreme Cleaning!

Supreme Cleaning Services a Variety of Materials Including:

Marble: Marble surfaces can do wonders for your business in terms of providing it with a luxurious look. That being said, it is important take clean your marble surfaces on a consistent basis to help its expensive attributes. At Supreme Cleaning, we utilize specialized cleaning solution that protects marble from grime and staining, while also preserving its initial shine. By using the right materials, we prevent the chances of scratching and damaging, thus providing your surface with a timeless aesthetic.

Stone: Stone is one of the most common materials used in hard surfaces but comes with its own set of challenges. Because of its tendency to absorb substances, stone can quickly collect dirt or stains, as a result of spills. In order to effectively remove these stains, the right combination of cleaning solutions must be applied without causing more damage. This is a delicate task but fortunately Supreme Cleaning is up for the job. Our professionals are trained in cleaning every type of stone to keep your surfaces in excellent condition.

Wood: Hardwood surfaces can be difficult to maintain due to the ease at which it dirties, stains, and scratches. It should be noted incorrectly cleaning wood with the wrong solutions can result in permanent staining, running your surfaces and the beauty of your property. Supreme Cleaning of an extensive of knowledge of wood surfaces, as well which solutions work best in regards to cleaning. In addition to removing dirt, dust, and allergens, we apply a special buffer and polish to eliminate scratches and leave a shiny aesthetic.

Ceramic: Cleaning tile can be a long and tiresome task. With all of the additional responsibilities that come with running a business, it’s safe to assume that you may have the time regularly maintain your ceramic surfaces. Fortunately, Supreme Cleaning removes this burden from your shoulders by providing your business with cleaning solutions suited to handling ceramic surfaces in timely manner.

Commercial Hard Surface Cleaning Services in New York City
commercial hard surface cleaning services in Brooklyn
Long Island commercial hard surface cleaning services
commercial hard surface cleaning New York City

Maintain the Beauty of Your Commercial Property

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