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The reason why most people look down is make sure that where they’re stepping is safe. Because of this, it’s important that the floors of your commercial property, whether it be a school, warehouse, or office building. However, over time your flooring may begin to show signs of dirt, grime, and staining, which can comprise its color, sheen, and smell. Prevent poor floor maintenance with Supreme Cleaning. Our professionals make keeping your floors clean their number one priority. Whether it’s granite, carpeting, rugs, or hardwood, Supreme Cleaning ensures protect your floors from long-term damage, potentially saving thousands of dollars. Clean floors also add to the beauty of your business, which is something we especially value. For all your commercial floor maintenance needs, turn to Supreme Cleaning!

Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Include:

Carpet Cleaning: Many commercial property come with carpeting that must be regularly maintain in order to retain its look and feel. However, the wrong cleaning solutions can result in permanent damage to your carpet. Supreme Cleaning recognizes this and has crafted formulas specifically tailored to maintaining certain fabrics found in rugs and carpets. Through various methods (shampoo, steaming, spot cleaning, etc.) our specialized cleaning solutions are applied to your carpeting, removing dirt, dust, and allergens, while simultaneously deodorizing it. This provides your carpeting a fresh, clean smell, in addition to restoring it to its original color and texture.

Hardwood Cleaning: Hardwood floors centers are highly susceptible to tracking dirt, which is clearly apparent to the naked eye. This makes the need for regular maintenance even more imperative as the slightest bit of foot traffic can leave once shiny floor, completed dusty and grimy. Supreme Cleaning understands the how difficult it can be to maintain hardwood floors, which is why we have placed such a focus on delivering a high quality of service. In addition to simply sweeping, our professionals will also buff your hardwood floors to help remove scratches and preserve its glossy sheen.

Marble & Other Materials:  Materials like marble and granite are sensitive, and as such require delicate care when cleaning. Also, due to their more expensive nature mishandling these types of materials can potentially cost your business a lot of money. When it comes to the maintaining floors outside of the usual wood and carpet, contact Supreme Cleaning. We work to carefully analyze which type of your material your floor is composed of before choosing the best possible solution.

 Commercial Floor Cleaning services in New York
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 Commercial Floor Cleaning services in Long Island

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