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In Case Of an Emergency

Knowing what to do in case of an emergency can be the deciding factor between guaranteed safety and potential injury. The last thing you would want to do is jeopardize the safety of your employees, customers, or anyone in the surrounding area. Recognizing the importance of emergency situations, Supreme Cleaning provides quick-response cleaning services for a multitude of scenarios. In the event that you are faced with an emergency, don’t hesitate to contact Supreme Cleaning to help get your situation under control in and time-efficient manner. Whether large or small, our team is professionals are trained to handle most emergency events to ensure the overall safety of your property, as well as its inhabitants.

Prepare For Any Event Including:

Sewer Overflow/ Clogging: A clogged or overflowed sewer can potentially lead to severe flooding, which can cause significant property damage. In the event that you discover that your sewer may be subjected to overflowing, quickly contact Supreme Cleaning. We team of professionals will proactively approach the situation by removing the obstruction and cleaning up flooding that may have been caused as a result.

Mold: Building mold is serious a problem, and when left unchecked can pose as a significant health and safety risk. Stop putting others and yourself at risk by continuing to let mold fester within your property. Supreme Cleaning has the necessary equipment for safely removing mold with damaging other portions of your property. Removing mold establishes your property as a safe and healthy environment, where business can be conducted effectively.

Fire Damage: Fires are highly unfortunate circumstances and can occur at a moment’s notice. What’s even worse is the debris and structural damage can be left as a result. If you find yourself the victim of fire damage, contact Supreme Cleaning to help dispose of the subsequent wreckage and remains. By quickly handling the aftermath of such an emergency, your property can continue to function as it once did.

Carpet Damage: Badly soiled or flooded carpets can lead to more than just dirty-looking floors. If left unattended, soiled carpets can result in poor odor, molding, and even rot. Call Supreme Cleaning to carefully maintain and restore your flooring, thus preventing these issues. Our specialized cleaning solutions come with treating carpets in mind and help to sanitize and deodorize revert them to their original state.

 Commercial emergency cleaning services in Long Island
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