Bathrooms are by far one of the most cleaned spaces in your homes. This is for a good reason too. By following these tips and tricks, it will help you keep your bathroom more cleanly, and for longer periods of time too. Meaning you don’t have to clean as much and as often.

Tip 1: Clear the Way for Cleaning

At times of cleaning your bathroom, get all your relevant utensils you need for cleaning your bathroom. Once you organize that, prepare to move away obstacles in your bathroom that could get in your way of cleaning. You don’t want to bump into things, and perhaps cause an even bigger mess by doing so.

Tip 2: Dust and Vacuum First

After preparing your utensils to start the cleaning ceremony, and moving away unwanted obstacles in your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure that there are no hair or dirt left in any cracks when doing the scrubbing. So vacuum your bathroom after you dust your fixtures with a microfiber cloth first. This will get all that dust out of your bathroom, and the vacuum will clean up any hidden cracks of dirt. Now let the cleaning ceremony begin.

Tip 3: Liquid Soap Is a Wonderful Thing

Having liquid soap on your sink, instead of a bar of soap usually leaves little to no messes. It’s convenient to have a liquid soap dispenser to freely give the amount of soap your hands will need. When all is done, you don’t have to put down a wet bar of soap on your soap dish to get more grimy. The liquid soap is a quick use and go feature.

Tip 4: Get Rid of Mildew

Get rid of your mildew from the shower. To keep your shower cleanly and dry (which will prevent mildew from occurring), have a squeegee ready for cleaning your shower after using it. If you use the shower, and no one is planning on using it after you, just wipe down the walls, tub, and shower doors to stop mildew and other nasty funguses from growing in your bathtub. Mildew loves damp places.

Tip 5: Water Repel Your Shower

Buy products that are water repellent so you can coat your shower walls and doors with it. Having a shower coated with water repellent makes the drying of the shower, after you’ve used it, much simpler and easier to do.

Tip 6: Keep Disinfected Wipes in Your Bathroom

Have disinfected wipes nearby in your bathroom, to quickly clean anything that could use a little bit of disinfecting. Having the wipes nearby will offer you a simple way to clean a small problem, before it becomes a bigger one.

Tip 7: Double Check Your Work

After cleaning your bathroom, take a minute to double check everything. You don’t want to have missed an important area to be cleaned, just to have to clean a dirtier mess later in the future.

Tip 8: Keep Your Toilet Brush Clean

Don’t forget to clean your toilet brush either. Grab a bucket of hot water, and add about 3 capful of bleach into it. Put the brush into the Hot water with bleach, and leave it there for a good 1 hour. Once the time is up, wash the brush with hot water, and the toilet brush should be good as new.

Tip 9: Spray Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Spray anti-bacterial cleaner in areas that need it the most. Make sure you start from top to bottom when spraying a certain area. Good areas for spraying include the counter, your tile walls, the floor, your toilet seat, the sink, and your tub.

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